Will Google Change The Car Industry Forever

Google is a company with seemingly endless development and giving. Technology that Google has given away to the world has had a bigger impact that almost all other technologies except maybe medical advancements. Well, they are at it again with their newest creation…the self-driving car!

You can get all the details here https://www.google.com/selfdrivingcar/

We have dreamed of such sci-fi fantasy as long as sci-fi fantasy has been around, and now it seems we are very close to having self-driving cars. Now if they could just fly!


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Auto News recently published an article with all the details.

Snippet from Auto News
Google’s self-driving vehicles are mastering complex situations on public roads, from cars going the wrong way to bicycles darting in front of traffic, as the technology company strives to win the high-profile race to achieve full vehicle automation, executives said today.

I like what Google has given us! This is a real automotive breakthrough in the auto sector. What has really has our attention is that the Google car can detect whether a moving object is a child or a bicycle and anticipates that both can make fast, unpredictable movements. The car’s driving system calculates the probability of such movements and uses the results to determining how the vehicle will react.

With the advancements in Gps navigation, we will likely see these become very safe and reliable. The amount of technology the self-driving car has utilized will also propel other advancements in safety and design throughout the entire industry.

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We talked with the owner of a popular automotive repair center, Jeff owns Garfield Auto Repair Center he said about the self-driving car:

This will certainly make the roads safer and allow for many other applications like simulation or training exercises and less intense safety protocols in our current human driven vehicles.

No matter what I think Google is going to impact another market that is worldwide, and show undoubtedly that they are a powerhouse in any industry.

History of Auto Racing

Auto racing is a sport that started back in the 19th Century in the western countries with the invention of the first petrol-powered engines. Motor companies was a booming business by then and each and every company wanted to prove that the performance of their cars was better, and also to prove to the public that automobiles were a reliable means of transport; thus giving birth to auto racing. At this particular point in time, there were no specific cars that were made for racing but this served as an eye opener to companies to build race cars which begun in the 1930’s.

Best History of Auto Racing

History of Auto Racing 

The history of auto racing can be traced back to 30th August 1867 at 4.30 pm, when a prearranged auto race was held in Europe, mostly in France and this practice spread to the US. It involved two road vehicles that were self-powered racing for eight miles between Old Trafford and Ashton-Under-Lyne, and the winner of the race was Issac Watt Boulton. This race gave both to the clear history of auto racing with the first auto racing contest.

In 1875, The Wisconsin legislature passed an act offering to peruse the first US motor race, in the history of auto racing. This race was known as “The Green Race” because the race started in Green Bay through several towns and ended in Madison, a 200-mile distance. Another auto race that is significant in the history of auto racing is the first organized race that was held in Paris, France. The race was organized by the chief editor of Paris. There were several solo races that were held between 1887 to 1895 when the first early race car competition was begun. 

The Paris-Bordeaux-Paris Race is referred to as the first motor race in history. This is because it was the first race ever to involve eligible race car drivers and high-performance cars that were up to around 1225cc. Then the first motor race in the US was also organized on Thanksgiving day, it was called “Chicago Times-herald Race,” held on 28th November 1985. During this period there was the first international auto racing that involved countries rather than individuals, with the first one being “The Gordon Bennett Cup in Auto Racing.”

In Early 1990’s there was the birth of city to city racing which saw the urgent need of building racing circuits. The first motor racing track was built in 1903 stretching or 1.6 km. Very many racing tracks were built all over the world between 1903 and 1914. Between 1910 to 1950, history of auto racing took on a new meaning when race cars were introduced. Cars such as Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, Auto Union and Bugatti. Since then auto racing has been a sport that has attracted many people and many advancements in this field occurred during this period. From 1950 to date, auto racing has spread to many countries all over the world. After world war two sports cars were built to help bring people together when they came to watch race car competitions. More race cars competitions were organized during that period and Africans who took part in the world war also returned home and begun the practice.